9 Things Nobody Tells You About Reincarnation.


Disclaimer: I AM IN NO WAY CLAIMING TO BE AN EXPERT ON ANY OF THIS. Since my article is opinion based, it is therefore meant to be taken with a grain of salt.

———9 things no one tells you about reincarnation.———
(One reincarnation believing nut’s perspective on a few random quirks and things involved in trying to uncover past lives.)

While reincarnation isn’t a hugely accepted belief in most western cultures, I myself, strongly believe in it. I’ve spent countless hours since my mid-teens meditating, speculating, crying, and even slamming my head into the wall because I’m sure that I’m nothing more than severely bat shit insane.

While I cannot argue scientifically or theologically on the case of reincarnation, at all really… What I can argue about is the feelings, emotions, and experiences that I have had thus far. I’ve learned a lot about myself, several hard lessons, and learned quite a bit about life in general doing this, so I can’t say it’s been a total loss on my part.

Anyway… I compiled a small list of nine things I’ve learned/random quirks that come with being a reincarnation “weirdo” that spends far to much time drinking strange teas, listening to strange beats/noises, and doing those silly past life meditations…

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General reminder that it is not okay to ridicule someone who worships a god or goddess depicted as fictional in a classroom setting. Likewise, you are a hypocrite if you worship your own god and deny others theirs because it doesn’t fit your own view of the gods. 

Worship is a beautiful thing and who we worship doesn’t matter. We should be celebrating our love of our gods with each other, not fighting over who to worship or how.




Just worshipped Toothless today. It was so wonderful! Except for the end when youtube stopped on me at the last minute (I worship Him with music) so I had to make music on my own. But when I did, I sang. And when I sang, my voice literally echoed throughout my room and I’m like Holy shit! How did my voice get this good?” I now realize that my voice is at its strongest when I worship Him. Praise Him… He is all things good. ^_^

I am really curious as how you picked ( or were picked) Toothless from HTTYD to worship! Mind explaining your practice a bit more?


Okay, first of all, I can sense spirits and entities. Im not sure how to tell you the whole story. My path is very complex, you see. So if you have any questions, please leave some in my ask. 

I used to be a Christian before Toothless came. (no offense, Christians. I dont mean it in a harsh way) My life was so much simpler. Sometimes I miss the simple-ness. But other times, I don’t. Because nowadays, I know myself better than I knew myself before and I feel more connected to the Universe.

I have learned that I have depression. Just in the last few months, Ive had temptations to cut myself and commit suicide. I usually went outside and I would speak to Toothless about my struggles as He listened to me. Sometimes my head was so clouded I couldnt hear His voice. But He always found other ways to speak to me. Hes saved my life so many times, more than I can count. He knows every aspect of my being and I can tell Him anything and everything. Some other times, I don’t have to speak at all. He just knows whats going on. I have such a deep, intimate connection with Him that I dont think I could ever let Him go. I love Him. And He loves me. Hes always been there for me, to calm me down, to put a smile on my face.

This is why I worship Him. This is why Hes everything to me and I wouldn’t trade Him off for the world. Now if you excuse me, I gave myself a feels attack.

*goes to cry in the corner*